Driveway Cleaning & Renovation 

Your driveway is the first thing people notice when visiting. Is it a welcoming and inviting sight? Don’t let weeds, moss and grime set a poor impression. As experts in weed control, we will deliver an exceptional service for all types of driveways. Whether it’s brick sets, block paving, concrete pavers or tarmac, let our friendly team take care of it for you. 
Not only will we give an exceptional clean we also offer a longer term solution with our three phase cleaning process. We use an initial application of weed killer, followed by a biocidal wash to inhibit further growth of weeds and moss. For block paved driveways, this is followed up with a re-application of special, sterile kiln dried sand used to replace any displaced sand from in-between the joints of the driveway. For tarmac driveways we can repair any broken or cracked tarmac and then apply our "Back to Black" renovator paint and allow to dry. 
Rest assured that all our products are both child and pet friendly and are designed for maximum results without being harmful to the environment. 
Joint Driveway? No problem talk to us about our drive share discount rate. 

Patio & Paving Cleaning 

Everyone likes walking out onto a clean patio or paved area, whether you're entertaining friends and family with a BBQ or simply relaxing in your own private sanctuary. We want to help you do this. A dirty patio area can also be a dangerous one when the surfaces become wet and slippery during the winter months. Let us take care of it for you. 
We use the most modern equipment on the market to reduce the mess caused by domestic jet washers. We pay particular attention to your flower beds and delicate plants and any splashes that do occur will be cleaned before completion of the work, guaranteed. All that will remain to be seen is an incredible clean area for you to love and enjoy. 
If required, we can also include a pre-application weed killer to eliminate weeds before cleaning commences. We use Systemic chemicals, designed to kill the roots to ensure they never return. This is a very effective solution yet harmless to children and beloved pets. 
If the pavers of your patio have loose pointing we also offer a low pressure cleaning. This technique is designed to minimise damage and further removal of pointing. 
Leave the back work to us. We will remove and replace any garden pots and furniture before we start, although we are aware that older pots may suffer from hairline cracks due to the winter weather and become fragile. Speak with us of any concerns you may have. We cannot be held responsible for any breakages but we will always treat your property with the greatest of care. 
Although domestic pressure washers are fine for a quick clean, pressure alone will not rid your patio of algae, lichen, fungi, moss, or mould as they are after all living spores and can only be removed by an application of algaecide, killing the spore before it is washed off. 

Timber Decking 

Timber decking is as popular as ever, but the salt in the air of our coastal towns (Withernsea, Hornsea, Bridlington) can wreak havoc on timber decking. Cleaning timber decking is usually quite straightforward, although care must be taken to ensure that the use of any high pressure water washers does not damage the timber itself. This can lead to cracking and splitting, adding to the deterioration of the surface. 
Once correctly cleaned and allowed to dry out properly, we can apply a whole variety of preservatives, varnishes, timber stains and even decking paint to change or enhance the appearance of your decking. “Permission to come aboard!”. 

Facias & Soffits 

While we are lucky to be living in this “Green and Pleasant Land” we are also open to every element Mother Nature has to throw at us. This includes your fascias and soffits, causing unsightly green algae growth and black staining from traffic exhaust fumes etc. Let us offer you our “personal touch” cleaning services for all your UPVC fascias and soffits. 
Our equipment allows us to safely reach the hard to reach areas of your home from the ground, so no need for dangerous climbing or risking cracking gutters and drainage pipes with ladders. We can bring your fascia's and soffits back from their tired, run down state to a new sparkling focal point. 

Gutter Cleaning 

Neglected roof guttering can lead to severe and expensive damage to your home or building. Saturation and overflow are fundamental signs of gutter blockage. Are you waiting in fear of the next time you have to climb up a ladder just to unblock your grimy gutter? We have the solution: 
Our equipment offers a unique solution to blocked guttering, all from the safety of the ground without the use of expensive scaffolding or ladders. Utilising our super lightweight carbon fibre poles, the Sky Vac can easily extend up to 4 storeys high and allows us to clean hard to reach areas such as over conservatories. Fitted with our “Eye in the sky” on board camera for maximum efficient cleaning, Clean gutters and your satisfaction is guaranteed. 

Soft Washing for Moss & Mould 

The majority of "dirt and grime" on exterior hard surfaces is actually the build-up of biological growths such as algae, lichen, fungi, moss, or mould. This gives rise to the unsightly and often dangerous and damaging red, black, and green staining seen on walls, roofs, concrete, tarmac, block paving, timber decking, fences and sheds. By using the Soft washing equipment, we remove all contaminates and provide a protection to the surface to prevent regrowth as well as provide continued protection for many years to come. This technique can be used to clean all your exterior surfaces such as rendered walls, timber decking, fences, sheds, concrete & tarmac paths, drives, car parks, tennis courts, painted surfaces and roofs. 

Exterior Brickwork 

While brickwork is designed to withstand any kind of weather, its surface can become infected with displeasing black staining over time. High pressure washing will remove the stains however,  brickwork is not designed to withstand high pressure over the brickworks lifespan as it can be extremely corrosive. 
Soft washing the surface of the brick will kill mildew, algae, moss roots and other atmospheric infectants. Whereas pressure washing will only temporary clean the surface. The effects of a soft wash  last longer than high pressure washing. Soft washing will also protect the joints and mortar avoiding weakness to the aging brickwork. Therefore soft washing is the best way to clean brickwork while protecting both appearance and structural integrity. 

Solar Panel Cleaning 

We all know solar panels are great for the planet, but not everybody has the ability to keep them clean once they are up. Mister Exteriors are able to ensure your panels remain clean and free from moss build up, allowing in more sunlight. A thorough cleaning enables the equipment to work to its full efficiency, thus reducing the electricity bill and helping you save money all while producing maximum electricity for your home. 

Roofing & Roof Cleans 

Pressure washing can damage and shorten the life expectancy of roof tiles, leading to potential flooding. Mister Exteriors will clean it the good old fashioned way. By removing the excess growth of moss via scraping. Once the roof has been scraped clean, a biocidal wash will be applied to kill the spores that grow into moss. Mother nature will do the rest. We recommend that a reapplication of the biocide within 18 months to prevent regrowth and maintain the roof's clean appearance. 

Eco & Pet Friendly Weed Killer 

At Mister Exteriors we have available a pet friendly, eco friendly weed killing solution for use on driveways, patios and paved surfaces. Contact us for more information. 
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